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Reusable menstrual pads are better for your skin, easier on the planet and cost less in the long run than disposable plastic pads. At Spoiled Sew Rotten, we work with you to create your perfect cloth reusable pad. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE on orders over $50.

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  • Honest customer reviews:

    Jennifer- “I can always count on Melissa to deliver exactly what I asked for in a super fast time!”

  • Honest customer reviews:

    Sandra- “With my first cycle I can’t believe how much better I feel about the whole process! These pads are soft, and process of cleaning and caring for these is really a lot simpler than it sounds.”

  • Honest customer reviews:

    Stephanie- “Had my first period using my cloth pads and they are INCREDIBLE! So comfortable and soft, and easy to clean. Melissa was always available to answer my 1,000 questions. I wish I found these sooner. 100% recommend!”

  • Honest customer reviews:

    Emily- “Melissa’s work is truly amazing and top quality. I’ve made a few orders from her including a custom order and I couldn’t have asked for better.”

  • Honest customer reviews:

    Sheena- “Very pleased with my purchase. Great quality, fast shipping and amazing customer support!”

Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Never spend more than $30/year on your period again!

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Want to reduce your pollution footprint?

Disposable pads spend 450 years in a landfill. Ours can be reused for ten years each!

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