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Embroidered pads—what’s the hype?

Written by Melissa Pardoe


Posted on January 23 2023

You may have recently seen our new embroidered pads. They feature cute, clever, flashy designs on our reliable cloth reusable pads. But what’s so different about them? Are they something to take notice of? Of course! Who wouldn’t want a little pick me up on a day that’s maybe not going so well? Or some piece of advice from a surprising source: your period supplies! We take great care selecting the best and most humorous doodles and pictures we can find. 
Many people might ask “are the designs scratchy?” And to this I say NO! We’ve made sure the designs we have picked are not dense or done with metallic thread which might prove itchy to some.

Many people might ask “but it doesn’t improve the performance!” And to this I say true, it does not, but if pads were like cars, this would be like a Mustang convertible. In red.

In our humble opinion, all cloth pad users should have at least one embroidered pad in their arsenal, to affirm that they are awesome humans that deserve all the best things.




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