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Why you should sincerely consider ILPs!

Written by Melissa Pardoe


Posted on December 31 2022

I recently made the exciting decision to make and sell interlabial pads (ILPs) in the shop. But of course I can’t sell something without testing it first, so read on for my first ever experience with them. 
First of all, what are they? Think of them as traffic control for your flow. They are folded in half or rolled (whatever feels more comfortable) and placed between the outter labial lips. These aren’t going inside too far, just resting gently in between the outter layer.

Second of all, what do they feel like when in place? It’s a little intimidating when you first start using them. Since you can roll, fold or twist them into almost any shape, there’s some trial and error involved. We’ve made sure our ILPs aren’t thick, so that you can be sure that when they’re folded or rolled they’re not going to feel uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised when mine was in that it was a very light pressure between the lips and not at all uncomfortable. It never felt as of it was going to fall out.

If you have a very heavy flow, these can help a lot and if you have a very light flow they can take the place of a liner. I was hesitant and thought it would fall right out when wet. I was so wrong! It stayed put until I took it out over the toilet. While urinating, it has to be removed so if it still has some life in it you can set it on your pad while you do your business, then reinsert. Again, this is not a cloth tampon, they do exist but we don’t sell them. The bamboo charcoal layer also inhibits yeast infections and smells, which is fantastic. I highly recommend buying a mesh bag for laundry, very convenient! 
So would I suggest trying these out? 10/10 of course!



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