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Soap nuts with or without bag
Soap nuts with or without bag
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Soap nuts with or without bag



🌰 Soap nuts: these are dried soap nuts from the Himalayas. We have provided approximately 21 but only seven are needed and can be reused up to five times before being composted! Simply toss into washing machine after tying strings of bag tightly. Remove from machine after load, being careful not to put them into dryer. Let them air dry between uses. Extra soap nuts can be purchased here. Can also make a liquid detergent with soap nuts. SAFE FOR SEPTIC TANKS :)

You will receive a RANDOM PRINT cotton woven bag. If you choose NOT to have a drawstring bag included, the soap nuts will be sent in a plastic ziploc bag.

These are great for any laundry, not just cloth pads. They are safe for septic tanks too! For our family of 4, it costs $13 to use soap nuts for the whole year!

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