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Zorb: what it is and why it’s so great.

Written by Melissa Pardoe


Posted on September 09 2018

Lots of women who visit my site will see that I use Zorb and think “what is it and is it good that these pads have it?”  This blog will hopefully shed some light on these questions. First of all, Zorb is made by a company called Wazoodle. It is, according to their website, “an optimum blend of cellulosic fibre from cotton/tencel/bamboo/other interspersed with polyester nylon.”  This means it’s a mixture of absorbent materials compressed into a slim layer. Zorb can absorb 10x it’s weight in under 2 seconds and absorbs 20x more than other materials.  This is why I chose to use two layers of it for heavy flow pads. My moderates are one layer of Zorb and one layer of either cotton or bamboo batting. I hope this blog has given you more information on this amazing product!



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