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Which length should I be looking at?

Written by Melissa Pardoe


Posted on August 21 2018

This is probably one of the most popular questions.  Of course you’re going to want to pick the right size, the wrong one may mean leaks or discomfort. Let me break it down by each size I offer. Thong is obvious, if you have a thong and want to wear it during your period with backup for your cup or tampon, this is your size. My 7” liner is the same size as most wingless pantiliners. The 8” is perfect if you want a liner that’s a bit longer in case it does wiggle a bit. It’s also a great choice for teens and petite women. The 10” is the size of the average brand of regular or heavy pad. This is a great choice if you are using it for daytime or are a teen or petite that wants to use it for nighttime. The 12” is usually close to the length of a disposable long or overnight pad. This is great if you move a lot in your sleep and want extra coverage, or want extra coverage during the day. The 14 and 16” are good for night and post partum uses. In terms of absorbency, everyone has a slight difference in what they think constitutes each. If you find that you’re leaking through your current pad, consider going up in absorbency or even changing more often. If you wear a heavy and leak more than you want, you could try a PUL backed pad. This redirects the fluid back into the core or sometimes back onto the top fabric, but that means it’s not going through to your underwear. If you have specific questions or want to make a custom order with length/absorbency, let me know!



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