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How to store cloth pads between uses

Written by Melissa Pardoe


Posted on July 09 2020

You might be wondering how to store cloth pads between periods or even while you’re using them. Here in the shop, we sell a few options.

Wet bags- These bags have a polyester knit chemically bonded to an inside layer of polyurethane laminate (PUL). While these bags are great with damp pads, they are not water proof. The seams from sewing the bags together mean they can not keep water inside, but damp pads should be fine.


Pad Wrappers- These handy 4.5”x5.5” wrappers are made of the same fabric as a wet bag, but are smaller and usually fit 1-2 pads nicely. Great for bringing clean pads to work, school, day trips. Place a used pad in the wrapper and take the clean one out to use. Bring a few packed with a clean pad each to last the whole day! We sell packs of three in patterns or singles of solid colours.

Wet/Dry Boxy Bags- These bags are shaped like Kleenex boxes on steroids! They measure 8.5”x4”x5”. If you opt for the wet boxy bag, it is lined with PUL. This means it can be used to hold dry pads between periods, on trips, or wet pads waiting to be laundered. The dry boxy bags are only good for storing dry pads. These bags could also be used for any other storage purpose you can imagine. Some come with a cute zipper pull from the Etsy shop Efficientsensefinds.

Dual pocket mesh bags- Finally, we have dual pocket mesh bags. These bags have one large PUL pocket and a smaller mesh pocket to allow air to dry your damp pads. These could also be used for sweaty gym clothes or wet swim suits.



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