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How much money would I be saving if I actually switched?

Written by Melissa Pardoe


Posted on September 24 2018

So you’ve heard about cloth reusable pads and the idea appeals to you. Now you’re wondering if it’s worth it. Aside from the comfort, no chemicals and much less waste, there’s also the large money saving feature.  I’ve done the math, and let’s say a woman uses 58 pads in a period. This is assuming no tampons or menstrual cups are used as well. Based on a 58 package of pads for $10 from Walmart, this would end up costing her at least $1200 in ten years. Keep in mind that this is the lowest number, since if she ran out at any point she’d have to buy more.  Alternatively, if she were to use cloth pads, she would spend approximately $422 for ten years. I’ve based this guess on my shop prices without any sales. This includes 8 overnight pads, 12 heavy flow pads, 10 moderate pads and 8 light flow pads and a laundry bag.  This would probably only need to be washed once or twice during a cycle and instead of buying more if the cycle was unusually heavy, she could just wash up some more. Cloth pads can last ten years with proper care, which includes not letting them sit soaking for more than a few hours.  The longer fabric sits wet, the more the fabric wears down.  Clearly, the up front cost of cloth reusable pads is a shock at first, but the fact that you would never have to buy disposable pads in a store again or throw any away is a great attractive quality.  I hope you’ve gained some great insight from this blog and if you have any questions, please get in touch with me using the link in the menu.



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