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Help! My pads are leaking!

Written by Melissa Pardoe


Posted on August 28 2018

The worst thing is happening: you spent all that money on pads and they’re leaking. Whether it’s $8 or $80 it still hurts. There are some reasons why this may be happening. First, the fabric takes some washes before it is at its peak in terms of performance. Washing 2 or even 4 times can take off chemicals, dust, skin oils from production that cause liquid to bead on the surface instead of being absorbed. I wash every fabric once before I sew to account for shrinkage and as a courtesy to you, but it still needs more washes. Just throw them in with your towels or colour load and use less detergent. Dry on medium heat, NO FABRIC SOFTENER please, as this can put you back at square one.

The second reason is pad fit. You may need a longer pad than you think, or you may need to contact me about a wider or narrower snap width. If the 2.5” usual snapped width is too small for you, you will definitely get leakage off the sides. Length will not help here at all, only trying a 3” snapped width. You can also try to make sure your underwear fit snug but not tight. Some women wear them too loose and it allows the pad to move around too much.

Finally, you may have to change your expectations of your pad. It’s true that plastic pads hold more than cloth, but they also trap a whack more sweat and many times the plastic top can leak over the edge. Cloth can “wipe” these leaks like a built in towel. If you are leaking and have tried the other pieces of advice, try adjusting your absorbencies. Use a medium instead of a liner, heavy instead of a moderate and maybe a PUL pad or overnight for a heavy. It may take some getting used to, but your skin and wallet will thank you!



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