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Starter set “black and white”
Starter set “black and white”
Starter set “black and white”
Starter set “black and white”
Starter set “black and white”
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Starter set “black and white”

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This set is perfect for someone wanting to get started with cloth reusable menstrual pads or someone looking to add a few great looking pads to their stash.

Included are:

two 8”long light flow pads with “polka dot” top and core of two layers of cotton batting.

two 10” long moderate flow pads with “sophisticated tease” top and core of one layer cotton batting one layer Zorb.

two 12” long heavy flow pads with “deadly beautiful” top and core of two layers of Zorb.

Each pad has a snapped width of 2.5” and is backed with black Windpro fleece, with the exception of both of the 12” heavies, which are backed with white bamboo Sherpa bonded to PUL.

Sherpa bonded to PUL makes the pad as close to a disposable as possible, since this fabric is water proof.

Purple tag— light flow

Red tag—moderate flow

Blue tag— heavy flow

Orange tag— overnight pad

Plastic snaps keep it in place and allow pad to be folded into square for easy storage!

Strongly suggest using a stain stick like Lift from to keep pad stain free and beautiful! Orders from my shop will receive a coupon code for 20% off Lift!

Rinse soiled pad in cold water and hang to dry or place in wet bag. Wash in warm water with low residue detergent and dry in medium heat dryer.  No fabric softener!

Wash soiled pad no more than 2-3 days after use for best results.

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