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Rose facial solid lotion bars
Rose facial solid lotion bars
Rose facial solid lotion bars
Rose facial solid lotion bars
Rose facial solid lotion bars
Rose facial solid lotion bars
Rose facial solid lotion bars
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Rose facial solid lotion bars



These are great for cleansing or moisturizing any type of skin. They contain no nut oils and no products that clog the skin. Great for soothing razor burn or irritation from wearing a mask all day. One bar has the potential to last 9 MONTHS and the benefit of no plastic bottle.

Tip: this lotion bar can also be used on dry, brittle finger nails to encourage growth and strength. 💅🏼 

🌿  Ingredients:

🌹Rose absolute oil- for glorious scent

💋 Shea butter- moisturizes skin, reduces inflammation, provides relief to itchy peeling skin, restores elasticity, calms razor bumps and irritation and helps to reduce stretch marks.

🐝 Beeswax pellets- humectant (attracts water), natural exfoliator, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral properties.

🧴 Jojoba oil- helps boost your skins protective layer, increases collagen production, diminishes look of fine lines, relieves sunburns, boosts skins glow.

💧Argan oil- protects skin from sun, moisturizes, heals, treats acne, promotes calm and smooth complexion

🎀 Dusty rose mica powder- to give the bar its lovely rosey glow.

Bars come in two sizes: Teddy Bear and Small, and both will last several months or more, depending on how much you use them. Small is 1.5 inches in diameter and 0.75” thick. Teddy Bear is approximately 1.5” tall and 0.75” thick. To use:

as a moisturizer: slowly move across your face in the areas that need moisture allowing it to melt into your skin, then massage. This massage also promotes circulation to your skin.

as a cleanser: follow the steps above, except use a damp cloth to wipe face clean after. These facial bars grab dirt, makeup and excess oil and leave your skin feeling fresh and quenched!

 🥶 Recommend keeping in a cool place (even the refrigerator during the summer) to maintain its shape. Can safely be used on babies, children and even pets. This product does not cure disease, but is meant to ease symptoms of mild ailments.

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