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Curvy hippo shape, “Cool cats”
Curvy hippo shape, “Cool cats”
Curvy hippo shape, “Cool cats”
Curvy hippo shape, “Cool cats”
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Curvy hippo shape, “Cool cats”


Backing fabric

What it’s made of: This fabric is a 100% cotton knit print. Think the most loved tshirt you’ve ever worn. Since this is a custom listing, you cam choose the core absorbency, backing and length. See lists below.

The details: snapped width (when fastened around your underwear) is 2.5”. The beautiful/side touches your skin. This pad is a serged edge pad meaning it will be thinner than our usual products. From the time of your order, it will ship out no longer than a week after.

Perfect for: light use, moderate period flow, heavy period flow, teens, petite women, overnight protection, gushers, prolonged wear, tampon backup.

Wash instructions: cold rinse, warm wash (low residue soap or soap nuts), warm dryer or hang.

lengths include 8, 10, 12 and 14”.

absorbencies include light flow (purple tag), moderate flow (red tag), heavy flow (blue tag), overnight flow (orange tag).

Light flow core is two layers of cotton batting. Moderate flow core is one layer of cotton batting and one layer of Zorb. Heavy and overnight flow cores are one layer of bamboo hemp fleece sandwiched between two layers of Zorb. Zorb is a material made of bamboo, cotton, polyester and other cellulose fibres that absorbs 10x it’s weight in 20 seconds.

backing fabric is black Windpro. This type of fleece is a bit thicker than microfleece but features a knit side that helps boost water resistance.

This print will have serged edges as seen in the pad pictured. This helps keep the pad thin.

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