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Sunburn stick—solid lotion bars-Aloe mango
Sunburn stick—solid lotion bars-Aloe mango
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Sunburn stick—solid lotion bars-Aloe mango


Wish you could spoil your skin all over? Our new solid lotion bars are the “balm”! These are great for sensitive or sunburnt areas.

Small is 1.5 inches in diameter and 0.75” thick. To use, slowly drag across your skin, letting your body heat melt off some lotion. Gently massage into skin.


Mango fragrance oil- for amazing scent

shea butter- moisturizes skin, reduces inflammation, provides relief to itchy peeling skin, restores elasticity, calms razor bumps and irritation and helps to reduce stretch marks.

beeswax pellets- humectant (attracts water), natural exfoliator, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral properties.

Jojoba oil- rejuvenates skin, moisturizes, reduces wrinkles.

Green mica powder- to give the bar its lovely cucumber hue.

Aloe Vera gel- soothes inflamed skin, treats sun burned skin, replenishes nutrients to skin, smells great!

Recommend keeping in a cool place (even the refrigerator during the summer) to maintain its shape. Can safely be used on babies, children and even pets. Not recommended if you have a known nut allergy, since we make other products with coconut oil. This product does not cure disease, but is meant to ease symptoms of mild ailments.

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