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8” moderate flow “Au Naturel” serged edge bamboo sherpa pad
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8” moderate flow “Au Naturel” serged edge bamboo sherpa pad


What it’s made of: This pad is inspired by nature! The top fabric is a super soft, breathable, natural bamboo Sherpa. Core is one layer of Zorb and one layer of cotton batting. Backing fabric is a black water resistant windpro fleece.

The details: snapped width (when fastened around your underwear) is 2.5”. The side with zigzag stitching touches your skin. The serged edges mean it’s a thinner pad than our usual products.

Perfect for: those seeking natural products, preventing yeast infections/odours, moderate period flow, tampon backup, teen, gushers.

Wash instructions: cold rinse, warm wash (low residue soap or soap nuts), warm dryer or hang.

Moderate flow is indicated by red stitching, tag and snaps.

Light flow core is two layers of cotton batting. Moderate flow core is one layer of cotton batting and one layer of Zorb. Heavy and overnight flow cores are two layers of Zorb. Zorb is a material made of bamboo, cotton, polyester and other cellulose fibres that absorbs 10x it’s weight in 20 seconds.

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