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7” thong liner
7” thong liner
7” thong liner
7” thong liner
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7” thong liner


This 7” thong liner will fit perfectly on those days when you want to feel comfortable and covered and still wear leggings! Pattern is “Ironman.”

Top fabric is a breathable cotton woven fabric. Width at snapped end is approximately big enough to cover your index finger. Disposable liner pictured is for size reference and is not included in the listing.

Core is two layers of thin yet thirsty cotton batting.

Back is water resistant black Windpro fleece that will also help provide friction against your thong to keep it in place.

These pads do not have any tags or flow markers like our other pads in order to keep them trim and comfortable.

Before first use, wash in low residue detergent and dry on medium heat dryer. After each use, rinse in cold water and wash in warm or cold water with low residue detergent. Dry in medium heat dryer or hang to dry.

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