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10” moderate flow PUL cloth reusable pad “minky panda”
10” moderate flow PUL cloth reusable pad “minky panda”
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10” moderate flow PUL cloth reusable pad “minky panda”


✔️ Perfect for:  gushers, moderate period flow, light urinary incontinence, overnight protection.

❤️ What it’s made of: Top layer is plush, polyester minky fabric. Minky is stain resistant and also absorbs fast flows. Core is one layer of Zorb and one layer of cotton batting. The backing fabric is cotton Sherpa bonded to PUL. This makes it as close to a disposable as possible in terms of water proof abilities.

🌿 The details: Snapped width is 2.5”. The beautiful print side touches your skin.

🧺 Rinse soiled pad in cold water and hang to dry or place in wet bag. Wash in warm water with low residue detergent and dry in medium heat dryer.  No fabric softener! Wash soiled pad no more than 2-3 days after use for best results.

Purple tag for pantiliner absorbency, 


red for moderate,

blue for heavy and

orange for heavy absorbency in overnight length.

Plastic snaps keep it in place and allow for folding into small square for tucking into your purse or bag.

Strongly suggest using a stain stick like Lift from to keep pad stain free and beautiful! Orders from my shop will receive a coupon code for 20% off Lift!

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