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In praise of our products

These reviews start with the very first customer and continue over the past year. Feel free to send us a review and we will add it (even under your initials if preferred).

”Wow! Beautiful pads, very well made. Can’t say thank you enough for the great deal. My two-year-old was helping me open the package and when she saw them said “ ooh, cute pads!’”-Dani

”So glad I stumbled on Spoiled Sew Rotten. Will definitely be a return customer!”-Stephanie

“This might be the most gorgeous pad I own. It’s on the plush side, super soft and comfortable.”- Krishana 

“I am absolutely in love with this pad! This was a total impulse buy and I’m glad I did. I have yet to actually put it to use, but I love the length and thickness of the pad, that will put my mind at ease for overnight use.”- Tricia

“So glad to find some wet bags and well-made too—thank you :)”-Brandy

“The pads were super cute, absorbent, and very well-made! Appreciated Melissa going the extra mile to ship my package expedited during the holiday season.”-Rophina

“Wow! Very impressed with the sewing on this pad. I can’t wait to try it out! The fabric is soft, and I love the pattern options :)”- Sara

“Cute design, lightweight, absorbent, COMFORTABLE!”- S.M.

“Great pads; Cute design, sturdy material. Bought five and I’m not disappointed. Would buy again.”- Sara

“Great quality. Super happy with my purchase.”- Rebecca

“They absorb well and are so soft! Thank you!”- Sarah

“Haven’t been able to use it for my cycle yet, but after washing it this is definitely the heaviest pad I own. It’s one of my favourites and it’s beautifully made, thank you.” Sandra

“Great bundle! Well made pads perfect for building up my stash. Thanks.”- Catherine

“I have yet to use the product but I am so glad it arrived here quickly! The pattern is so pretty and a nice touch is the tag to remember which absorbancy it is.”- Kelsey

“Melissa is so friendly to work with, you won’t be disappointed. She responded quickly to my questions I had. The shipping was fast and she even sent me some samples of backing to play around with. I am confident wearing them knowing I won’t leak! I have used and washed it and they just get fluffier and soft with more uses.”- Kelsey

“Super cute print, and nice pad design. Excellent quality, thanks!”- Jennifer 

“I can’t even begin to say how nice these are! They are pure perfection! No slipping, perfect don’t even know you are wearing them! Definitely worth purchasing from, I’ll be back for sure!”- Ann

“I like everything about it! The size, the fabric, how easy to maintain. LOVE IT!”- Anick

“The pad wrappers are adorable and the perfect size for my purse! Shipping was very fast and I enjoyed the extra stickers tucked into the package. Thank you so much!”- Lana

“Beautiful print! All in all, happy with this purchase, but the fleece backing seems really thin. I can see the threading under the “fluff”. I have yet to use this pad, and may update once I have tested it, but the few pads I received with this backing I’ll be using at home and for lighter than recommended absorbancy until I know I can trust them! Update: I’ve been using these pads for a few months now and have had no leaking issues with the backing.”- Sarah

“Melissa was very accommodating to my specifications and very easy to communicate with. She made the order very quickly and shipped fast! I love the pads and they work very well. The microfibre backing is quite effective at preventing leaks. If you are buying these just know that the absorbent core does not take up the entire width of the pad, though it has never been a problem for me.”- Stephanie

“The item is as described. It is well constructed, comfortable, easy to clean, and simply adorable. Simply put, it does what it needs to do without being obtrusive. I would happily buy from this seller again.”- B.K.

“These liners are SO well-made! They are VERY comfortable, and are breathable...leaving a fresher feeling. I am SO happy with my purchase! I WILL be back to purchase more!”- Amy