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12” Heavy flow PUL cloth reusable pads “seahorses”
12” Heavy flow PUL cloth reusable pads “seahorses”
12” Heavy flow PUL cloth reusable pads “seahorses”
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12” Heavy flow PUL cloth reusable pads “seahorses”


These pads are great if you need a little more security during your period. The backing is bamboo baby loop terry bonded to PUL, which means it has the same water proof qualities as a disposable pad. Like a little rain jacket in your undies! Lengths include 8”, 10” and 12” all in the same print and all heavy flow. You will receive ONE cloth pad in the length you choose.

The top: cotton woven fabric. This colourful side of the pad is the one that touches your skin.

The core: heavy pads such as these have one layer of bamboo fleece sandwiched between two layers of thirsty Zorb. It is 2.5” at the narrowest point where the snaps join underneath your underwear.

The backing: the white bamboo baby loop terry bonded to PUL means it is water proof but creates friction with your underwear to stay in place. If you find a PUL pad is moving in your underwear, try going up a size in length.

The purple tag indicates light flow

Red tag indicates moderate flow

Blue tag indicates heavy flow

Orange tag indicates heavy flow in a longer or overnight length (12-16”).

Wash: when out of the house, you can store used pads without rinsing in a pad wrapper until you get home. Alternatively, rinse pads in cold water immediately after use and store in wet bag (see our laundry, care and storage section) until washing day. Use low residue detergent or soap nuts on cold or warm water and follow with medium to high dryer, no fabric softener.

Recommend: Lift all natural stain stick from MilkHoneySoapery on Etsy. This will keep your pads looking beautiful and can even be used on any other stains in your household!


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