Ultimate cloth pad sampler set

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You’ve read all the blogs, articles and reviews about cloth reusable pads and you’re ready to dive in. There are just so many options! How’s a gal to choose? This is the ultimate cloth pad tester set, you’ll be able to try out two different sizes, five different topper fabrics, two different lengths and three different absorbencies! You also have the ability to add a wetbag that holds all these pads and more until laundry day.

8” light flow “its Supernatural” is topped with pique fabric and has a light flow core of two layers of cotton batting. It’s backed with black microfleece. Pique is great for wicking away moisture and resists staining.

8” moderate flow purple organic bamboo velour (OBV) has a moderate core of one layer of Zorb and one layer of cotton batting. It’s backed with PUL bonded to bamboo fleece, which makes it water proof. This pad has serged edges which make it slightly thinner than other pads.

10” moderate flow thermos is printed on flannel and has a moderate flow. Flannel is very soft and breathable, but some find it stains easily. Black microfleece means it is only moisture repellant but excellent at staying put in your underwear.

10” light flow blackberry jam is topped with cotton woven fabric. This is highly breathable, but doesn’t wick moisture as effectively as other fabrics. It’s serged edges give it a flat quality and the black microfleece means it’s moisture repellant.

10” heavy flow minky llama pad has a core made of two layers of Zorb. It’s got serged edges and is backed with black microfleece. Minky grabs moisture, is highly repellant to stains, but can make some women feel hot.

Optional wetbag measures 7x11” and is made of PUL,the same fabric used in cloth diapers. It includes a zipper and can easily hold all the pads mentioned here and then some. Not intended for pads that are soaking wet, just damp.

Purple tag— light flow

Red tag—moderate flow

Blue tag— heavy flow

Orange tag— overnight pad

Plastic snaps keep it in place and allow pad to be folded into square for easy storage!

Strongly suggest using a stain stick like Lift from www.etsy.com/ca/shop/MilkHoneySoapery to keep pad stain free and beautiful! Orders from my shop will receive a coupon code for 20% off Lift!

Rinse soiled pad in cold water and hang to dry or place in wet bag. Wash in warm water with low residue detergent and dry in medium heat dryer.  No fabric softener!

Wash soiled pad no more than 2-3 days after use for best results.