7” light flow cloth reusable pad

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Have you ever wanted a pad that did more than a liner but less than a moderate? Any of these light flow pads would be amazing! Choose one of any of the beautiful pads listed. All have cotton woven toppers except for the flannel fairies, which of course is flannel.

White pad in bottom right corner of second photo is a leading disposable brand daily liner shown for scale of reusable pads, it is not for sale.

Core of each is made of four extra thin layers of flannelette. All are backed with black microfleece and have a snapped width of 2.5”.

Purple tag— light flow

Red tag—moderate flow

Blue tag— heavy flow

Orange tag— overnight pad

Plastic snaps keep it in place and allow pad to be folded into square for easy storage!

Before first use, wash and dry 2-3 times for best performance. This makes sure any oils or chemicals used to treat the fabric are washed off so that absorbency can be optimized.

Strongly suggest using a stain stick like Lift from www.etsy.com/ca/shop/MilkHoneySoapery to keep pad stain free and beautiful! Orders from my shop will receive a coupon code for 20% off Lift!

Rinse soiled pad in cold water and hang to dry or place in wet bag. Wash in warm water with low residue detergent and dry in medium heat dryer.  No fabric softener!

Wash soiled pad no more than 2-3 days after use for best results.