Rainbow selection of pad wrappers

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This listing is for individual pad wrappers in a variety of colours. Picture of fox wrapper is to show size of wrapper against a pad and both products can be found elsewhere in the shop.

These pad wrappers are perfect for taking supplies with you when you’re out on the go!

Could even be used as a snack wrapper for things such as apples and their cores.

Easily fit a clean pad in the wrapper and exchange it for a used one. The PUL fabric makes sure that moisture doesn’t get all over your bag or purse.

Could also be used to hold tampons or menstrual cups.

Each pad measures approximately 4x4.5” and fits two 10.25” pads or even one 13.5” Titan! Has a fold over closing system so no awkward zipper or snaps to worry about.

Some patterns will result in being upside down on the back of the wrapper, this happens because we fold the fabric to eliminate a seam on the bottom edge.

If the pattern you want is sold out, kindly check back in a few days as we are always trying to keep up with the ones that sell out, or send us a request to restock, thank you!